Cela nous concerne tous (This concerns all of us)


Cela nous concerne tous (This concerns all of us) is a commission Miguel created in the fall of 2017 for Ballet de Lorraine in Nancy, France. Premiering during the company’s 50th anniversary season, this piece takes its inspiration (and title) from the May 1968 social and political movements in France. This new piece presents an unruly choreography and a restless and ecstatic liveness to see if we can still access feeling through the phenomenon of coming together in a theater.

Created by Miguel Gutierrez in collaboration with the performers of the Ballet de Lorraine
Music co-created by Miguel Gutierrez and Olli Lautiola
Lighting Design by Yi Zhao
Costume design by Miguel Gutierrez and Martine Augsbourger
Assistant to the choreographer: Alex Rodabaugh
Dramaturg: Stephanie Acosta
Rehearsal assistant for the company: Valérie Ferrando
Additional research: Tristan Ihne

Premiere run November 15-19, 2019 at the National Opera of Lorraine