Organic androids auguring the end of the world photo by Nostradamus

DEAREST FRIENDS, lovers, opportunist(e)s and tastemakers,


It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Do you find yourself obsessively checking your email, fb page, twitter, vm, text, ipad, chatroulette, adam4adam, tonysingles account to see if the winter spewsletter from mgpp has arrived yet? Are you relying on its arrival to remind you that you do, in fact, exist? That someone OUT THERE with a confusingly itinerant life is lovingly constructing overlong emails that most likely will end up in your junk folder, just for you? Take a deep breath, kick off your faux fur slippers, and take a seat in your best craigslist furniture find and know that every word of this re-constitutes your sense of self.

A still from my latest interdisciplinary, multi-media, site-specific community project.

What a winter it has been my friends. Just in case you were wondering, it gets cold in a lot of places on this precious planet. On the outside AND the inside. I keep trying to find my psychic fur coat but I misplaced it.

Pieter Bruegel (the elder) returns from the dead to steal his own work

Since we last talked a whole lotta stuff has gone down folks. In December Retrospective Exhibitionist got unleashed on the gentle people of Paris at Menagerie de Verre during the Les Inaccoutumés Festival to, if I may be this presumptuous, great acclaim. Back in NYC I worked with Samuael Topiary and Peter Kerlin as a director on Topiary’s project Landscape With the Fall of Icarus which had a successful showing at CPR. Look for Topiary’s piece to knock you out next November at Abrons Art Center.

Michelle, tarek and mg in various stages of fiction and falsehood in LM at the American Realness Festival at Abrons. Photos by Ian Douglas.

January brought us what we hope is a new year and a new approach to everyone’s favorite winter convergence, also known as the APAP conference. Despite the fact that all of us NY based choreographers typically end up having to SLOG through the mountain of emails that inundate us from presenters requesting dvd’s and offering months-long national tours after APAP, I succumbed to my manager Ben Pryor’s wishes and participated in his new experiment American Realness, a festival of new performance. We re-mounted Last Meadow and introduced a bevy of folks to the elusive charm of the true lower east side at Abrons Art Center. Anyway, to my sweet surprise it was a real success and now we’ll be foisting Last Meadow upon new unsuspecting theater goers overseas over the next year or so at least. Work it out Ben Pryor and thanks Jay Wegman for hosting the festival! I used the word “new” five times in this paragraph. Were you counting?

We walked through a wardrobe in the tenement museum and ended up at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, where we managed to confuse 75 percent of our audience into leaving too early from our second performance of Last Meadow there. It was legendary, it was a human typo, it was kind of unbelievable.

A view from the bridge where I contemplated, as usual, an escape to Canada.

After downing some last minute müesli, I went west to San Francisco, just in time to arrive for the obscenely lavish birthday festivities for Sofia “Anna-Wintour’s-got-nothing-on-me” Gutierrez-Blood, my niece.

Sofia, surveying the scene, disgusted by everything. Photo by Patrick Demarchelier

Truth be told, my primary purpose for being in SF was to learn Joe Goode’s amazing 1987 solo, 29 Effeminate Gestures, which I’m currently performing in Davis, California, city of dreams. It was really special to get back in the studio with Joe for this project. (For all of you who don’t know, I danced with Joe from 1993-1996, yes that’s almost twenty years ago fuck) Turns out I can still point my feet. A friend of mine who shall remain nameless said to me after watching a showing of the piece “Yeah I hadn’t really ever seen you use your technique before” which makes me wonder if people think that the bellowing, lip-syncing, and stripping in my work are skills I was just born with.

No explanation needed o my sweet children of the gods.

Late January found me in the EU Capital City of Brussels, looking for solace in pharmacies and moroccan coffee shops. I taught for two weeks at PARTS, home to the bold and the beautiful in the upcoming dance scene. Enjoying the following visual impressions:

A pagan temple in brussels. Photo by the local wiccan

Photo still from The Road 2:Next Time We’re Taking the Train

A meeting of the local satanist society.

Photo by Aleister Crowley, pictured here to the right

Happiness, a study in chocolate.

Photo still of an amazing Ralo Mayer show I saw at Argos. Pure genius. Thanks DD

Released from my duties at the EU Parliament, I departed for Finland, via Riga, birthplace of Mikhail Baryshnikov. I can now say I’ve spent 28 minutes in Misha’s hometown (airport). Half in a daze, half in reverie, I spent an increasingly magical week in Helsinki teaching a workshop and performing two shows of Retrospective Exhibitionist at Zodiak’s beautifully welcoming SideStep Festival. Thanks to all of the great folks who made that happen.


MG attempts to lead the SideStep Festival team in the Electric Slide

I already told you that at present I’m performing Joe Goode’s 29 Effeminate Gestures. In fact, at this very moment, I’m furiously typing this into my android as I sing my last ditty in the piece. But all presents have a future, and here are seven season-defying truths to come that may interest you, your stockbroker, or 2nd life avatar:

1 and 2
So these first two things are related because they occur under the auspices of the Anticodes Festival in France.

First up is a (grateful) return to Brest, France, where MGPP will be performing the European premiere of Last Meadow as part of their Antipodes Festival at Le Quartz! Dates for that are March 5 and 6.

Following that will be performances of Retrospective Exhibitionist in Lyon at Les Subsistances March 25-28.

So in the spirit of non-linear time that this spewsletter has proposed, number 3 actually happens in between 1 and 2. I’m performing an experiment in a Festival in Vanves, France at Artdanthé on March 23. My experiment is currently called A Conversation that starts as a conversation but then becomes something else or Ma Cherie, You Are Impossible To Please

I am teaching morning class in NYC again through Movement Research on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10am-12pm, at Danspace Project, April 13 through May 20.

In April, I’m participating in a research “lab” on improvisation with Philadelphia based dance artists Headlong Dance Theater (David Brick, Andrew Simonet and Amy Smith) and theater director Dan Rothenberg of Pig Iron Theater. We met for one weekend already in the fall, and it was awesome. Basically we’re looking at the ways that we work with improvisation in process and performance. ?

Also in April, I’ll be visiting guest artist at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago by way of an invitation from fellow artist and dear friend Marissa Perel. It’s the weekend of April 23-25, and I’ll be doing some kind of public performance during that time... If you’re in the area, come check it out!

Very soon we will be launching our new and improved WEBSITE. We’ll probably send another announcement about that when it’s ready so forgive me in advance for that email yeah I have no life. But it’s gonna be great. Video, imagery, a dating interface... Everything you ever wanted and less.

Oh friends, it may just be my stomach grumblin’, but I’m ready for this spewsletter to come to a close. If you’ve come this far I, yet again, applaud you for your tenacity and curiously open schedule. Thank you for accepting my ribald, unannounced decision to collapse winter events into spring events. If this spewsletter is any indication, you’ll be getting the spring issue right as you don a crown of roses for the Rainbow Gathering at summer solstice. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, that’s great, it means you haven’t spent hours of your life wondering why you can’t stand hippies but keep fallin’ for ‘em.

On that note, enjoy this:

Rome, before the fall. Photos by Brutus.

Until we meet again. Drink a cup of tea. On me.