Marin Sander-Holzman

Marin Sander-Holzman is a dance and video artist living in Brooklyn NY. His editorial department feature film credits include “The Laramie Project", "The Woodsman", "Lackawanna Blues", "Off the Black", "Shadowboxer", "Shortbus", and "Staten Island" as well as long and short form documentaries including the The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, The Line, Dateline, The Today Show, and Frontline: "The Jesus Factor". He was the editor and contributing writer for the eight episode television series "ARTSTAR", a collaboration with Deitch Projects following emerging artists in the New York contemporary art world. Marin has collaborated on video works for contemporary performance with choreographers Yasuko Yokoshi, Anna Azrieli, Kim Epifano and Miguel Gutierrez. Marin has been working with MGPP since 2002. He teaches Prenatal Partner Yoga with his wife Anna Azrieli. Check them out at

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