Hilary Clark

Hilary Clark loves to dance and make things. She is happy to be working with Miguel and the Powerful People. She has danced with choreographers Tere O'Connor, since 2004, and with Luciana Achugar,  since 2006. She is also works with Jon Kinzel. Clark received a 2008 New York Dance and Performance Award, a Bessie, for her body of work as a performer with Tere O'Connor, Fiona Marcotty, and Luciana Achugar.  Her choreography recently has been shown at Dance Theater Workshop, where Clark was a 2008-2009 Fresh Tracks Artist, performing in collaboration with Larissa Velez, and at The Kitchen in December 2008, as a part of Dance and Process, curated by Yosuko Yokoshi. Hilary has been teaching through CLASSCLASSCLASS and various venues. Keep in touch, hilarylclark@gmail.com.

Hilary performs in I SAY THE WORD and And lose the name of action.

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