myendlesslove (2006)

myendlesslove is a performance about love, sex and desire cumming and going, going, gone.

myendlesslove is an assisted solo performance about sex, desire and objectification which incorporates movement, video and music. The piece unravels as a search for the poetics of gay sex, exploiting time-honored clichés about sentimentality, longing, and how we look beyond ourselves for love. Originally commissioned in 2006 for MIX: NYC Queer Film and Video Festival, it was revised and remounted in 2013 for a run at the Abrons Art Center.

Miguel Gutierrez: Preview for myendlesslove from Marin Media Lab on Vimeo.

Miguel Gutierrez: Extended Interview on myendlesslove from Marin Media Lab on Vimeo.

Created by Miguel Gutierrez
Performed by Miguel Gutierrez and Connor Voss
Lighting Design by Natalie Robin
Assistant Lighting Designer Amanda Clegg Lyon
Videos by MG and Bel Ami Personal Trainers 2
Music by MG, Lionel Richie, Georgio Moroder, Sonique
Video Performers: Ryan David O’Byrne, Chris Tyler, Joe Birdsong, Devon Gallegos, Dominic Cloutier, Heathcliff Von Uchtrup

Duration: 60 minutes

myendlesslove was originally developed at the Maggie Allessee National Center for Choreography – MANCC. It premiered in 2006 at the NYC MIX Festival. The 2013 remounted version was made possible with a space grant from Abrons Arts Center.

background photo by Alex Escalante, performance photos by Ian Douglas