I succumb (2003)

I try to thrust myself into the answer.
It hurts, but I want to know.
I wish there was a way I could tell you.
I wish we could be quick about this art
so we can go suck each other off.
–Marissa Perel

I want I will I do I do I do I succumb. Doesn't everybody wanna fall in love? The music will enter you as raw, obscene episodes of longing are followed by delicate and fancy placements and replacements swirling around the maelstrom of desire.

Created by Miguel Gutierrez in collaboration with Anna Azrieli, Michelle Boulé, Abby Crain, Tarek Halaby
Music by Jaime Fennelly
Text by Marissa Perel
Lighting by Lenore Doxsee
Video by Samuael Topiary
Costumes by Parker Lutz and performers’ own clothing
Duration: 35 minutes