SABOTAGE (2001-2004)

In Sabotage electronicist Jaime Fennelly and choreographer/dancer Miguel Gutierrez meet to exploit their unique energetic connection in a duet of music and dance improvisation. In this duet, which has been unleashed and splattered upon viewers throughout the eastern seaboard and in the Netherlands, Belgium and Russia, Fennelly and Gutierrez enter states that explore transcendence and the all-consuming corporeality of sound with a tendency toward destruction. Fennelly and Gutierrez collaborated on the first three Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People projects. During the course of this time they met one-on-one in Sabotage as irregularly as possible.

Performed by Jaime Fennelly and Miguel Gutierrez
Duration: variable lengths

Performance Dates/Venues:
Improvised & Otherwise Festival at WAX; Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn in May 2004 B.U.A.P.; Brooklyn, NY
Aqui the Bushwick; Brooklyn, NY
American Can Factory; Brooklyn, NY
Movement Research at the Judson Church; New York, NY
George Washington University; Washington D.C.
Zen Monkey Project; Charlotesville, Virginia
Bard College; Annandale-on-Hudson, NY
Open Look Festival; Saint Petersburg, Russia
Kanaal 10; Amsterdam, The Netherlands
"Le Foyer" Espace Cultural; Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Ferme de Biereau; Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

We never had any funding for this experience.

Sabotage @ Improvised and Otherwise Festival 2004

Sabotage @ Bard 2003

Sabotage @ Zen Monkey Project, Charlottesville, VA 2002

Sabotage @ Open Look Festival 2003

Sabotage @ Brooklyn Music Festival 2002 or 2003??

Sabotage @ Aqui the Bushwick 2002

Sabotage @ George Washington University 2002 first set

Sabotage @ George Washington University 2002 second set