The Problem With Dancing 

It doesn’t sell

It doesn’t last

It doesn’t mean anything

It doesn’t translate well

It doesn’t make you rich

It doesn’t keep you warm at night

It doesn’t dance enough

It doesn’t make the ones who aren’t dancing dance...... ?

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Before I got to ADF 2007 for what used to be my yearly teaching stint there, I called Ishmael Houston-Jones from France to get a lowdown of how things were going at the festival. He said there's this kid who is exactly like you. This had me intrigued of course so when I got to Durham I met this alleged doppelgaenger (he was taking my Making Work workshop), and promptly decided to make a piece with him for the ADF Faculty Concert. The Problem With Dancing is the short piece that was made. Andrew and I have since done it a bunch of times over the years in all kinds of situations.

Created by Miguel Gutierrez
Performed by Andrew Champlin and Miguel Gutierrez
This happened at ADF 2007, Judson Church Anti-War Review, SPANK, American PUSSY FAGGOT Realness, Romanian Dance History. Other places too but I can't remember.

background photo by Ben Pryor