Here are the first three pieces I made when I dropped out of school, moved to San Francisco and immersed myself in the dance/performance community there (1993-1996).

Purge (1995)
Created and performed by Miguel Gutierrez
Videography by Samuael Topiary. Shot at Diesel Cathedral, July 1995.

This is the first piece I made in San Francisco. Joe Goode asked me to show something at Intersection for the Arts and so I made this.

The Fall (1995)
Created by Miguel Gutierrez in collaboration with Samuael Topiary
Performed by Samuael Topiary as Flora Xena Hamburger
Music by Miguel Gutierrez
Text by Samuael Topiary
Videotaped at Dancers Group Footwork, 1995/96?

Topiary is one of my oldest and dearest friends. She wrote a poem about how much she hated The Fall, and from that we built this piece.

The Seduction of Order (1996)
Created by Miguel Gutierrez in collaboration with the performers
Performed by Abby Crain, Ryan Galbreath, Kimiko Guthrie, Miguel Gutierrez, Eric Kupers, Yael Wanger and unknown dancer
Sound design by Miguel Gutierrez, using Tibetan Monks, Mormon Tabernacle Choir "This is my country"
Voiceover by Samuael Topiary from a speech by Hitler(!)
Videotaped at Dancers Group Footwork by Samuael Topiary, May 1996

I think I had recently seen The Wonderful Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl and was thinking about fascism and exercise, Laban Movement Choirs, Hitler and believe it or not, Trisha Brown (I had seen her piece Newark on video recently during a visit to New York and was obsessed with the duet in that piece). We're babies! (who coulda used more rehearsal on that unison)