I'm sitting on my aura

This is a group piece I made in the spring of 2017 with the 3rd year undergraduate students at DOCH, a dance university in Stockholm, Sweden.

We spent a long time developing choreography from an improvisational practice based on the idea of embodied alienation. Once we had the choreography we reverse engineered it back into an improvisational practice that took place while the space got darker and darker, increasingly obscuring the performers. In the second half the piece presses into an intricate swarm of activity, choreographed chaos and brightness. The piece reflects different questions I have right now about how to disappear in plain sight, both in the darkness but also in the whirlpool of moving people. I am interested in how value - where your attention goes, both in what you look at on the stage and in what you notice in yourself as the audience member - emerges, rises, and transforms over the course of time and how time contains sly strategies for upending politics, because when I'm forced to sit and deal with time in a space I either check out or make the choice to engage the situation and to accept the different feelings I have about the people in the piece. I am interested in the ways the distance between people, and between a body and itself, is charged with possibility and confusion. How clothing is like skin and of course not like it. How gender is a costume. How sexiness flares up, presses itself forward sometimes, then becomes matter of fact, then becomes something else. I am interested in the idea of "energy" as an animating, motivating, driving force that holds hope and despair. I am interested in my fluctuating beliefs and doubt about what energy even is and if/how it exists between people.

The students were so fucking awesome.

created by Miguel Gutierrez, in collaboration with Marco Behal, Hampus Bergenheim, Claudia Erixon, Cathryn Humphreys, Tiia Kasurinen, Olli Lautiola, Manuel Lindner, Jan Nyberg, Oda Persdatter-Brekke, Susanna Ujanen, Tuuli Vahtola, Max Wallmeier
music by Miguel Gutierrez with Olli Lautiola
lighting by Axel Norén
costumes by Kajsa Larsson, the performers and Miguel Gutierrez

Photo by Hannah Lindkvist