I am a dance and music artist based in Brooklyn. I create group work with the Powerful People and I also make solos. Since 2001 I have made enter the seen, I succumb, Sabotage (in collaboration with Jaime Fennelly), dAMNATION rOAD, Retrospective Exhibitionist and Difficult Bodies (2006 Bessie winner) and most recently, myendlesslove and Everyone. I just completed a commission by Melbourne, Australia-based Phillip Adams to make a short section that sits inside of a larger work that he is making for his company BalletLab entitled Brindabella. I think my section is called I HATE OUTSIDE. I have been lucky to collaborate with a wide range of contemporary dance, music and visual artists. My work has been presented in: NYC at various venues, including Dance Theater Workshop, The Kitchen, MIX: The NY Lesbian and Gay Experimental Film Festival, across the country at Diverseworks in Houston, TX and the Flynn Center in Burlington, VT, and internationally in festivals such as ImPuls Tanz in Vienna, Springdance Festival in Utrecht and Touch:2005 in Archangel, Russia.

My work tends to be quite emotional and concerns itself with the phenomenon of existence. I am interested in asking who are we and why are we here, both in in life and in the theater. I am fascinated by the body's ability to move between the mundane and the transcendent. I am interested in how the presence of the audience creates a space of attention and extraordinary perception.

I work in close collaboration with the participating artists of each project to create pieces that speak to the interests of the time, both the time spent in the studio and also time in the sense of a larger context - what is happening in the world. I like finding ways to translate the experiential nature of performing into a sensory, emotional and visceral experience for the audience. I like to assume that you are intelligent and willing and ready for anything.

I love teaching. Some recent fantastic experiences: the Experimental Theater Wing at NYU, the ADF winter intensive, and Critical Path in Sydney, Australia.

Okay, final words. I have been greatly influenced by my experience as a performer in the work of other artists: John Jasperse (2002 Bessie), Sarah Michelson, Joe Goode Performance Group, Ann Liv Young, Juliette Mapp, Jennifer Lacey, Yvonne Meier, Jennifer Monson, Erin Cornell, Deborah Hay, and Alain Buffard. I'm in Alain's new piece (not) a love song. I curated the infamous but now defunct SHTUDIO SHOW at Chez Bushwick for a year. I curated the Dance and Process Program at The Kitchen for the past two years also.

Right now I am working on some music to be recorded later in the year. I am also stewing up ideas for a new piece or group of pieces.

It's great to be on the road but it gets lonely, too. Stay in touch, Please: miguel@miguelgutierrez.org
Miguel Gutierrez